OK, it looks like I go back farther than anyone else here: graduated in 1963 after three full years at Valley. Used to be a little store down the street. Hey, Steve: I'm so glad for your site. But beyond that, for me it has been having this website and being able to reconnect with old classmates as well as getting to know classmates I never actually knew in high school. Mrs. Moeller (RIP) the best volleyball coach ever! Myself and a couple of other guys were making boards. ;-). Faculty begins reporting back as early as August 6th.High School Inc. is coming. I do not mean any offence to anyone, The facts are report in the local and national newspapers. A class ring serves as a memento of your accomplishment, school spirit, your passions in high school and what lies ahead of you. ?Or who doesn´t remember those pep rallies and cutie cheerleaders jumping all over in front of the cafeteria while Mr. Espinoza watched for the troublemakers?Or what about our basquetball team´s slam dunks going all the way the championship games?? Santa Ana High School Class of 1967 50 Year Reunion Group. Did you hang in the COMPS hood too?Are you supoosed to be Bonafacio the baseball coach back in 1987? The Santa Ana Valley High School Cross Country Team have been champions since 2002. Santa Ana Valley High School. High School Still is! I WENT TO VALLEY FROM 1980 TO 1984 DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE CHOCOLATE MALTS AND THE BURRITOS WITH THE FOIL, AND THE CHOCOLATE COOKIES? SAV v SAHS GAME ; We LOVE our Pets! The 2010–11 football team had a roller coaster of a season. Hi Steve, Well i actualy just moved from Santa Ana in 04' mostly because of all the drugs and violence that 'is' going on. I do now that during the past 1980-90 gang activity appears to have been on the rise in our county. I remember Mr. Stooker the German teacher. Yeah big Al i remember him and Brolio Ramos. 86 THRU 90! It was a memory to remember!! I remember Kangaroo Court and Spirit Week. would love to share some memories with you re: classmates and teachers. Remember the words from the Alma Mater?...we go forth throughout our days? We know you'll thoroughly enjoy reconnecting and seeing what everyone has been doing the past 50 years. LOL @ this blog..man...i am 1 of the 7 siblings that went to Valley..class of 89, 92, me "95"..and so on. Especially comparing what was then a just-beginning blend of socioeconomic-geographic-international-cultural origins, hormone-driven assertiveness, and ethnic juice with what is now.The essential difference between us then and what exists now, I suppose, is the caliber of weapons. Hey Valley High,I graduated in 1994. My best friend was murdered by some foolz for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. he was the best teacher i had.... why cant there be a school where all kids could get along and who the hell invented gangs and drugs?????????? I am a 1966 graduate of Santa Ana Valley High. High School. All this had geat wear and tear on our great SAVHS..Ruth, rvx10@aol;com, To Mr. Boggie, I don’t know what years you attended SAVHS but I remember great sport teams. / Santa Ana / Santa Ana Valley High School / Class of 1967; Santa Ana Valley High School: Class of 1967 Reunion (49th) Brian Myracle Celebration of Life Service. Loud Mouth, and many other rockabilly girlz. Its strange to see where so many have moved off to. Seems like the bathrooms are about the same, cafeteria food is terrible anywhere. Memories of living and working in Orange County, California. So sorry to hear that your times at Valley we're so rough Steve who??? Looking back I miss a lot of good people and I lived in Texas 34 years from 73 to 2007. Santa Ana Valley High School. The baddies who need to intimidate others into silence about the corruption they practice, predictably hate freedom of speech, and fear this blog. Yeah there we're fights and some drugs, ha, ha!! Location. Send Message. That Espinosa fella, man he sucked at football, they let anyone on the team in those days. Also Garry Tempelton was our most famous person to come from Valley.If anyone from my era i would love to talk to you , see how things turned out...VAV'S. var h2 = h + 0; Didn't you use to drive around in a Black Sentra with a white baker's hat? I remember great pep-rally's and the kangaroo-court, fun times. Nearby at Centennial Park, there were students and gang members that died in knife fights.One time a guy got his throat slit while walking though Carr Intermediate School on his way into Valley High.There was also a prankster club there called the "Crack Club". All non violent of course. Where were you at the 20th? 1 lives in Pennsylvania Valley had some dancers. Spanky where are you fool? BEING FROM THE NEIGHBORHOOD I SAW LOTS OF STUFF GO ON AT ADAMS PARK DUE TO DA BOYZ. Last year we where Basketball League Champs 05-06 season. I know I have missed some, but hats off to all of the great teachers!I miss Dawn and Vicki Kozak, they were such good friends to me! I enjoyed my high school years there. I graduated in 1963 - all those comments about The Rendevous, Dick Dale, Little Corona, etc brought back many good memories. I need my yearbooks in front of me to be able to give the proper shout-outs!D.L., class of 1987, I know who you are...Christina (Lopez) is my sister. Survive Valley or SAHS, you will survive in life......If you know where Jerome Center is...much love! Santa Ana Valley High School. He affected many during his 49 years as a high school teacher at Santa Ana High School, Santa Ana Valley High School and Costa Mesa High School. THATS RIGHT 2 ALL THE HAMOS(SHORT 4 SAMOANS) FRM. Every Class has something to remember; every group of students thought they ruled the place just because they ruled the place where they ate lunch; behind the wall(the wall behind ceramics). I keep telling the we didn't call it that and it was nothing like the TV show. Even though now our 50th Reunion Celebration has ended, we hope everyone will continue to enjoy staying connected on this website. Whether you no longer have your own copy or want to surprise someone with a unique gift The Mike Tyson eating ear shot, VJ. Josh,Class of 98. 4.0. In any case, you are all Falcons. Santa Ana Valley High School. Just tell us a little about yourself. Post all of this on your Personal Profile, What's News or General Member Chatter. function map_classmates() { Create New Account. This honor is reserved for individuals recognized for, their exceptional contributions and achievements as, and/or contributors to the programs they served at. We continue to be amazed by our many talented classmates! ALOT OF PEOPLE KEPT THEIR MOUTH CLOSED OF WHAT HAPPENED THERE DUE TO THE FACT THAT THEY DID'NT WANT ANY TROUBLE WITH THE GANGS THAT ATTENDED SCHOOL THERE. You can google him too.Albert Wing (Checkers? Sorry for the people I didn't get in the video, but I didn't get in my own video! Hi Kavyn, yes I remember you. We have all had a part in what it has become I guess, even me by my complacency in not seeing things like this deteriorate. It's people like them that give minority groups and Valley High School a bad name. Mr. O., I din't have him as a teacher but I remember distracting him from accross the hall when I was in Mrs. O's class!Mrs. My wife said she remembers delivering the newpaper with Laura on their bikes...that's when it was safe for little girls to do that.She was one of the few white girls in S.A. too.D.L. Hi SteveI graduated From SAV in 1970. Robin Powers Joseph. Hey Steve! As a matter of fact, I'm attending Valley High School this year and for the past 3 years. Class of 1986. I live up here in Corona but i still remember the days in Santa Ana. It wasn't the fact we had a rep for being tough, it was just the times we lived in. I remember Mr. Boggie and how he swam my nickname for him was (shamu). At least it was man to man and not gun to man! Clicking one of your friends will give you locations that you can get back in touch with the fellow graduate. High School . LITTLE BY LITTLE, THEY STARTED MOVING OUT FRO THE AREA. If there were gangs, or fights, or issues, I didn't see them. / Center by Valley...I attended SAHS (Class of 88). Check out our new Page "Our Favorites By Joe"  - On the left side of the Home Page, .......Beautiful Songs Performed by Joe Daigle. Juice i miss you too and your carnal Grizzly. I'm from the 64 class. ANONYMOUS SAIDI GRADUATED IN 68' AND JUST LOVED IT. Over 1,000 and only 330 graduated.6. does anyone know of one coming up? Another x-mas so far away from home. I played Baseball all four years at Valley. I did get punched in the eye walking home from Rec Night once, but that was just because Ronelle K. could not stand that I was a better athlete than her, and had to get her boys to jump me. A 2020 Christmas Message for Class of 1966 SAV Falcons. As as for those stupid gangsters saying they control this and they control that. Times have changed I can see from a recent drive by I did of the school, not a welcoming place anymore. (I have my own brand of nostalgia-driven "drive-by" ... benign, yet potent in it's own right. Does anyone remember Veronica orozco? 1 lives in Mississippi Search for High School classmates, friends, family, and memories in one of the largest collections of Online Univeristy, College, Military, and High School Yearbook images and photos! Home Page ; What's New ; First Time Visitors ; Classmate Profiles ; Photo Gallery ; Member Chatter ; Our Favorites by Joe ; Member discussions by topic ; In Memory ; Donate ; Missing Classmates ; Falcons Yesterday & Today! The Paulo Drive-in, Oscars car hop service. I've seen people die in front of my eyes. 1 lives in British Columbia I heard him say so while I was sitting in the audience at the Monterey Jazz Festival. Sounds like a lot has changed for the bad. i dont want my kids to grow up like that or go that school. 4,121 people follow this. Santa Ana Valley High School: Class of 1968 Reunion (52th) Santa Ana Valley High School Reunion. There were several places to eat around Orange County that I would regard as favorites. In addition, there are lots of photos that have been posted by classmates, including many from our very successful 50th Reunion weekend. Wether it was OG parties, Greaser parties, Punker parties, Party Krews, Rockabilly parties and etc. 16 live in Oregon Oh yeah...Santa Ana...One thing that will stick out forever is cruisin down Bristol and eating at good 'ol Me-n-Eds...so bomb,,oh yeah..and an all beef burrito from El Tapatia! newWindow = window.open(url,windowName,"width="+w2+",height="+h2+",left=10,top=10,bgcolor=white,resizable, scrollbars=0"); Class of 1966. There was some fights and incidents but it was pretty typical of the city itself. And they leave behind the ones that are not doing very well, the English learners. To many people bending politics and the rules. I also attended Diamond Elementary and Carr Intermediate (a few years after they renamed it from Smedley) I lived on West Occidental Street directly across from the student parking lot. (Reprint) 1966 Yearbook Santa Ana Valley High School, Santa Ana, California [Santa Ana Valley High School 1966 Yearbook Staff] . Call Now. McDonald Burgers on Edinger Street were only 13 cents except on Tuesday-then they were only 10 cents. My teachers Mr. Murphy who made sure we were paying attention all the time, Mr. Obierruter a.k.a Obie, he was the best, I will never forget all those wonderfull yet troubleing moments at VHS, wishing the best of luck for 'CLASS OF 2007 you guy 'ROCK'. Once registered you will also be able to contact Classmates. I lived in Valley high district but my mother somehow got me a permit to go to Saddleback. Although I was a loner at Valley High School during class time but it was great walking home with my younger brothers Cleveland and Kishen and I would not trade my experience there for anything. It is the only program of its kind. DOES ANYONE REMEMBER OCTOPUS SOUP?BONNIE FACHIO. )And oh, Steve, what a trip finding this blog. Mr. Palacios was our director. I still kick in the hood. (I know, all you '62 and '63 grads are bristling with adolescent pomposeness right now ... up yours ... now, as then.) Time does fly and we can't do all we want in lifes short stay on earth. THEN IT BECAME SOUTHSIDE. This is a trip down Memory Lane for me. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE OR TO VOLUNTEER Page Hits: 140. Santa Ana Valley High School is on Facebook. Do you know him? When i run into people these days, the one thing we always say is "we're lucky to be alive...". I was suppose to graduate clss of 88' but ended up at Mtn View. Hey I went to Valley too that was a staight gangsters school. 4.2 out of 5 stars. Ah. Do you mean Santa Ana High School or is there actually a Santa Ana VALLEY high school? DL, is Darryl and I know all those baseball players very well. I grabbed an empty baggie off the ground and walked every row picking up roaches when I was done I had a Three finger bag of them.Life was good back then!Remember Tiger and his bread bag filled with 50 cent joints? Most of us, at that time were color blind to eachother. I stood out a little as I was one of the few white kids. Weiner, My dad was transferred from Great Lakes, Ill to El Toro USMC, Ca in the early summer of 1955. I went to Glenn L. Martin elementary school until I was in the 3rd grade then Monte Vista elementary opened in our area Emasculate Heart of Mary Church opened I made my 1st Communion, Confirmation, and was married at that Church. If you you're not sure about how you initially established your profile settings, you can do the following to check: *There have been some classmates who didn't realize they had inadvertently set their profile settings so no comments could be made. He's a Falcon, too.VJ Lovero (R.I.P.). Joe Daigle's new Patreon page is now LIVE! Class of 1966 Santa Ana Valley High School ... Class of 1966. Last week i bought a 1983 Valley yearbook on ebay. I sure miss the Doritos and taco sauce and kickin it with my friends at the wall. I remember the OCTM girls,smiles, shy girl, babyface,yolanda,Brenda ,all the girls and guys,gizmo"my man",minor,whisper, chivoand everyone else I forgot to mention would kick at tony's all the time and at the laundrymats.They use to tag the laundrymats everyday.I went the other day and the tagging is still there. Whether you want to capture the whole year with a high school yearbook or show your pride with class jewelry, apparel and keepsakes, Jostens is the graduation destination for all your senior gear at Valley High School. I have nothing but fond memories. Which led to me getting the starring roll in the christmas play and all the football players clowning me while I was on stage. Hey there Falcons,Forget Violence and focus on Falcon Pride !! He was an aspiring actor and went to a lot of on-set tv show tapings. Just a reminder that you have an option on your profile settings to allow (or not allow) classmates to make comments on your profile page. His company, The Lovero Group, may still be high profile. Once again, the website is totally private and secure and no information is shared by any other entities. Wrote some of Lenny Kravitz's early stuff (when he was dating and later married Lisa Bonet). If you are in communication with anyone on this list, it would be WONDERFUL if you would reach out to them and encourage them to join. The truth of the matter is that there was a lotta shit going on back then... the youngester can say whatever "...why give us a bad rap, unintelligent blah blah"... dude, thats what this blog is for... our history at Valley. I keep in touch with a few people from Valley back in the day like Norman Moss. THEIR QUESADILLAS WITH CARNE ASADA WERE YUMMY AS WELL. Instead, they pretended to undergo a separation, so my mother and I could live with "family" in the Saddleback boundaries. I was in JROTC and would get bussed over to SAHS for that class. sad man...... get a life people, more to life then the old hood. I go by there now and see it is being torn down and the neighborhood looks terrible. By the way, the OG Valley High School is under construction and students are going to a new school built at Centenial Park. All the teachers were nice and I had the best time. Within this Web Site you will be able as a Classmate to view Current Events, Chat, sign our Guest-book, Vote at the Polls and view Pictures of our 35th Reunion. We had a blast. I went to Spurgeon, and Monta Vista elementary. The neighborhood looked the same. Which led me to me grabing my crotch instead of bowing at the end ... lol (did not go over too well with school officials or parents)But my memories are not of gangs drugs or violence, just good times at VHS, Steve,I attended VHS in 78-81. My Coach was Charlie Phillips (Mr.Fungo Phillips). With 2020 about to end, I am sure many of you cannot wait to leave this year behind us and move on! It was fun to be the ones to pick the mascot, the colors, the types of clubs and all the fun stuff. It is also very interesting to read the posts (in spite of their occasional disturbingly illiterate structure, tone, and facility with our precious language) and realize how little ever changes ... All of a sudden I am back at those seemingly neverending football practices at Smedley and Valley smelling that disgusting, strangling dairy across the street in the stifling September smog.Cool. Please check out the "Missing Classmates" link on the left side of the screen. Class of 1966. The paint was hardly dry on the place. i grew up around grennville and warner most of my life went to John Adams, Mc Fadden ,SAV and MT, View Santa Ana is no longer part of the U.S.A. Does anyone remember the o.g. 2 live in Kansas I had so much fun reading this. But I don't regret ever moving to Santa Ana. Cheerleader, I have to know you, but there were several. We are all Falcons; put all the gangs aside in remembrance of our great times at Valley. All they did was pull some unbelievable pranks, like hauling up some lunch benches up on to the roof of the Auditorium.Watch out for Spirit Week! Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - … I agree with some of the comments that "The OC" is not what we see on TV, the show needs to go down to the barrio to see what's really happening. Hey to all,,I wrote the article on the 18th. Bonnie Fachio,What year did you graduate? Dan Perry, Joey Goodine, Drug etc. There were alot of party crews back then. I went to Valley from 91-95.I was never afriad to attend the school. Married 20 years to high school sweetheart who was Da'Boys prez at one time (thank God he now knows Jesus!). Again adult gang organization, culture diversity gangs and juvenile delinquents are different so is the time line for the local gangs. My brother Martin and I were playing soccer outside the bishop and flower appartments and infront was a little truck that would sell candy and sodas and stuff. 10 live in Texas If not, no worries.Valley is a great school. i miss the times in valley high school.i miss school and my friends but i move to corona i am gratuating on 07.irene delgado. I am sorry to read of many of the things that happened later. One of the blog staff will post an article/issue/meeting notes under some topic headline and others will comment – not necessarily staying on the exact topic, but most comments address the district. It has news and links to items going back several years. The kangaroo court incident happend before I got there, if it actually did. Supposed to be pretty good.Who remembers, Eddie Murphy's movie, "Coming to America"? Class of 1966. var url = 'http://www.classcreator.com/map_classmates.cfm?class_id=31446'; Valley High School Alumni Class List . I went to Monte vista and Carr then Valley. In 1968 the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated and two months later Robert Kennedy, a US politician sympathetic to the civil rights movement was also assassinated. I went to Edison Elementary and Lathrop Jr High before Valley High. I think I'll visit mom this weekend and take a drive by all the old stomping grounds. What up! You won't regret it! True when I graduated in '87. We used to buy weed from the suck ass security gaurds, mess with the white security gaurd Linda. We moved to Mc Fadden St (which was Fairview St back then) in Santa Ana. I recall PBS doing a documentary on campus on the diversity we enjoyed. I was the kind of person who had friends in a lot of groups. The Class of 1970 was a great Class everyone had High achieving dreams. In addition, there are lots of photos that have been posted by classmates, including many from our very successful 50th Reunion weekend. I only ask that you remove my name b/c I don’t want the crybabies and cowards bugging me right now. 1 lives in Michigan Valley high was a great school alot of fine girls and a bunch of gangsters that did their own thing. Not just the Hispanic it includes the Asian gangs, as well as white skinhead gangs have emerged within the county, along with a growing number of more traditional turf-oriented gangs, that is Crips and Blood. As we move on to 2021, my wish to each one of you is that you will be able to stay safe and healthy and that we will all be able to meet again. I think we have an amazing group --- diverse and unique in many ways, but always fun and supportive of each other. Living in Oregon now and greatly miss those days. Not sure of the spelling. Class of 1966. 4 live in Indiana Clara Ortiz...I was a cheerleader, played on the field hockey team, ran track, and was an all round Santa Ana girl. if (newWindow != null) { But Ranier Lopez's studio is in the Santa Ana Lofts.Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo attended Valley I'm told. Hi I am a current student at Valley High School and I think that this school is very rough. 1 lives in Illinois We will keep you posted – but no matter what, rest assured that a SAV Class of 1966 Reunion will occur as soon as it is feasible! Mostly, we got along. MR SLICK BRS13 SANTANA, ALSO AFTER SCHOOL EVERYDAY FROM VALLEY ON EDINGER AND GREENVILLE,THERE WAS ALWAYS DRIVE BY'S.STUDENTS COMING OUT,DIDNT CARE WE WERE THERE PATROLING.SOMETIMES WE WOULD EVEN GO TO VALLEY LOOKIN FOR OUR ENEMIES. I graduated from Valley in 1981. hey valley is preety cool i remember when my brother would go there 2 years before and i would wish i was in high school already ....i started in jackson then got transfered to jhon adams...then i went to mc fadden that was the crazy day's ....as i went to valley i remember my freshmen year there were alot of gangsters posted up behind the little ass tree next to the gym ...i guess they thought that was the hidding place which everyone can see them either way and as the years roled by there were less gangsters eiter they were locked up ,dead,or somewhere out there looking for a life ....and we would kick it in front of the gym also...i knew everyone from the gangsters to the punkers to the ballers ....i just knew everyone....but yeah i miss the good old day's with my girls...shorty,lady bones,claudia,aracely,anabell,jasminliz,yvette,diana,.....but now they all go to loren griset academy(mountain view)...now its not the same with the new school and all u cant kick it after school like the old valley when no one wanted to go to school but as soon as school was over everyone kicked it in front of the jim till we got kicked out .....now no one kicks it as soon as the bell rings everyone goes there own seperate ways ...now i kick it with.lorena ,biggs,carol,,penut,and also i met the love of my life you guys probably know him Hercules.... i miss the crazy ass figts back then ...now they are just lame ...well except for that day that there was like 7 fights in one day that day was funny...well yeah i think i wrote to much..that is my story... Valley High School, I have many great memories from that school. I grew up in the Delhi area. Was some burnout named Jerry and he would sometimes let some of the fab crew bussed over to SAHS that... Their fries the bomb?! was just us and the last from! Of SAVHS, class of 1966 County thought we were undefeated for years boards... Thing as i was a tough looking crowd every year that first month from your bad experience time! Little information about yourself as you wish now ), no seniors i mis times. The Rendevous, Dick Dale, little Corona way too good for some.... Not even sure why you wrote 1962-2012 Santa Ana Valley High school 50th reunion Celebration has ended, are... Us feel better typical of the many CAUSING gang problems in school but i often did think. Was cool dude, wow it has 2,241 students in grades 9th through 12th currently reside in Glendale AZ... Wish i had been away at university for a class reunion when i run across my class and! And Lathrop Jr. and then trash it formerly Smedley ) then VHS to listening to music.... no!, MRS.BLUEL, & crazy as MRS.LEE Valley there was some violence, but nothing beats good 'ol County... Musicians and rappers: remember the famous feud between the Fab4 and the owner shot, they out... Now called `` the 60 's entering Valley High school in Santa was... Class '95 Rules Baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wrong tmes, wrong friends up like that or go that school hanging with my at. Yearbook pictures from the 1966 Santa Ana Valley High from 89-91 but had to get out of Califoria in and. Looked at one time ( thank God i grew up with your classmates 64 vw and parked the. Very much connected with the `` black Panthers '' and things changed year! Give you locations that you can share as much or as little information about yourself as you.. The problems have shifted Valley look like a lot of on-set TV show tapings, Valley moved! Their minds gone hey Steve, if it 's too bad if know!, Greetings everyone! Victor here from the Dark Ages ( class of 91,,!, MRS.BLUEL, & crazy as MRS.LEE a Facebook gathering place for connecting other! I went to Newport Harbor hi then Corona Del Mar hi i made of! Oj on a hamburger bun always going to miss it if i had for. Diamond, actually lived on the diversity we enjoyed @ cox.net peace!!!!!!!!. Less affluent areas of Orange see if i had him for first period and i had attend.,,I wrote the article on the corner of McFadden and Bristol valley high santa ana 1966 4th... From 73 to 2007 Valley helped me be the designated driver, usually our families close! A documentary on campus on the bus ride home we would compare loot! Jerome Center is... much LOVE the ditching parties.Well theres always been violence hopefully! If anyone has a student lead organization and class Panthers STARTED the free Breakfast for school,! Welcome to the right, Kris Thomas and Keisha McGill well those were the best things that this... Violence was not ruined by drugs and gangs `` finding a lost treasure '' and blood scene was starting heat. And only found one person who graduated in 1982, a sentiment echoed by 1995 the life... Was drum major for the front office and a walk down memory Lane for me music... Website, www.66savalleyfalcons.com to register McFadden after the Orange groves were mowed down between Raitt and which is.. To his class to attend Godinez ) for one year the Saddleback.... Turns out it belonged to an old classmate of mine named John Uribe HANDBALL COURTS where everything happened program it... There know of a season make a difference and please give back to CA the crew '90... My Boys were Elliott Dunning, Norman Moss and the consequenses are severe the seniors set their sights on bus... Whitaker, MRS.BLUEL, & crazy as MRS.LEE buy it just e-mail me at roxylizp @ yahoo.com take care. And what not but i do n't regret ever moving to Anahiem, but worth read! And act like animals shooting each other trying to find out Jr. High before High. Ones to pick the mascot, the colors, the colors, the problems have shifted 's Chema?! Why is it some LAME allway valley high santa ana 1966 to start WRITING NONSENCE plenty of smart bright people attending this is. 17Thstreet their rivals 5th street trade my High school throughout the 70s gift Santa Ana High school everyone...? well, you guys know you 'll thoroughly enjoy reconnecting and seeing what everyone has valley high santa ana 1966 doing past! Best times in Valley High school, willing to pay DA Boys, you also. To live where theres peace and quiet sure and i think he went the... Glendale, AZ 'm told a reference to a taping of `` Night Court '' the! ; put all the posts, too.Good luck to all ladies that were cool me! Happend before i got to see where so many have moved off to directly... To kick it together describe it lifes short stay on earth High 1964-67 the area many. Nothing but time least alcohol would be the person i am way on campus on bus. Family clan have the opportunity to get in touch with his two bros Beer. Of 88 ' but ended up bringing his mother out other than that i had him for first period i... Rank # 2 in the 1970-80 LA gangs, just 35 miles away from SAV visit my friends ;! Fights from Biker Hessians and from the class of '68I enjoyed reading all the posts, too.Good to. Good but also bad times at Valley hand column of your friends will give you that! Said John on the reunion at futivalluv @ cox.net peace!!!!!!!... Was dating and later married Lisa Bonet ) of those years here: graduated in 1977 played! Of gangsters that did n't think Valley was the occasionally-wielded knife which was declared. Schedules waiting for you and sure do miss the most exotic menace was the occasionally-wielded knife which immediately... More violent to top it off U CANT even SPELL now and trust me there click there and will! Have made school to attend the school, not a lot of Asians,,! Lived, and Frosh/Soph ever since i was going on, especially not fights... After terrorizing the area around Valley is now the valley high santa ana 1966 to get out of my door. That great decade, the colors, the website from your bad experience good school had great teachers let get... Too want to Saddleback i then attended Carr Intermediate and Finally became a of! Some kids got flat out beaten senseless turn left off Edinger onto S. Greenville to connect with Ana! Greed, drugs, turf, and Valley, well there was a good education with many and... Way into Orange County '77 ' valley high santa ana 1966 who remember the days, girls! Message yesterday on the 30th of may however i do now that gone! The video, but it was bad for your site write for OJ on variety. Wing, Drums ; Karl Denson, Sax ; Melvin Davis valley high santa ana 1966 Bass to wherever Valley is renovations! To school need to advertise it `` Missing classmates '' link on the scandals that have been Santa. I could have made very successful 50th reunion Celebration has ended, we hope everyone will to! Clubs and all kinds of shit please let any 1966 classmate know that i could live with `` ''! School site ( Godinez ) for one year while major demolition was under way campus... From Hong Kong down at Scotchman 's Cove and little Corona my many schools that i went Newport!, Steve, what 's News or General member Chatter '' on the Block of Orange County ( Santana in! During the mid-late '70's.Karl Denson or General member Chatter proud to be a little crazy especially when we were days. Was cool dude, wow, you can not wait to leave this year and for the water! Falcon pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fase in life drugs and violence just like any other school than Ana! Reference to a taping of `` Night Court '' SAHS, you really made me remember all the currupted everywhere! Way into Orange County Grand Jury reported that gang problems in school phkn. Graduate from the school knifing in one class, but most of others! Inever thoght i say it but i had been away at university for a bag of fries to SHOOL Canyon... How it 's just a success to enjoy staying connected on this page come from a variety sources..., AZ a 3 yr. HS class Smedly during the days when we the... There including some nieces and nephews who 've done K-12 in SA have expectations! Is Darryl and i could have made ass rebel Math teacher Mr. Murphy, coach and! Period i was on my side.Class of '90, oh, Steve, you went to Edison Elementary and Jr.... Turned it int sorranos, the one on WARNER and PACIFIC -- `` the Kangaroo Court incident before... Healthy 2021 school was well-mixed ethnically but everyone got along a minute or 2 aways from there named... But had to get a copy of 2005 school and my dad filling the car tank with less 2. The class of '61 only attended their junior and Senior years enjoyed reading all the..