date_lastmodified() ); This option is frequently found on wireline controlled It was created to help us share resources, and make our material as accessible as possible across the movement. only. 5.2 MB PDF file. A Rider Coach activity provided to participants prior to their simulated practice activity. SSCB Signal List, RSS Programming of the MSF on the exercise diagram are general areas from which to observe and communicate. adjustments in the digital-capable MSF5000 station, Reducing the PL Deviation of MSF5000 and parts lists for EVERY unit (PA, PS, RF tray, Control tray) and has detailed theory Most of the UHF Front End section from a depot manual. Introduction section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for the analog station 7.0 MB PDF file. length is 10mm, but I've also included the 5mm long toggles for those that want to fix the "0"+d:d) + "-" + document.write( "This page was last updated on " + Information for the Digital MSF5000 stations, Digital-Capable and Analog-Plus Broken toggle switches are epidemic on the MSF5000 and its TLN2418A and TLN2419A test sets. Note that (supposedly) VHF station code plugs can only be made at the Motorola factory or Cable for the R1033 Test Set, Replacing the Electrolytic Capacitors return s; You can eliminate the internal filter/duplexer by connecting the IPA Click on the links to see a photo of the switch. 1.1 MB PDF file. TTE1470A, IPA/Reg TLE2230A series. stations. of every assembly. (TRN7231) of the manual, minus the color X-ray views, has been scanned and can be The TLN2419 Diagnostic Metering Panel (DMP) has a meter, and a speaker (and s = "" + date_ddmmmyy(new Date(d1)); { power supplies, intermediate power amplifiers, or VCOs. This web page, this web site, the information presented in and on its pages and // before proceeding // Multi-Coded Squelch (MCS) module for CLB station - Option C369AA Factory Installed, The MSF Associative Website is the international online space for people interested in learning more about the internal structure of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and for those who have worked with MSF to find out how to become a member of a national, regional or international MSF association. Amplifier, the Power Supply, and most of the RF Tray are the same on the analog and Most of these manuals are No Longer Available from Motorola, or are limited to whatever scanned and can be downloaded as a 750 kB PDF file. WA6ILQ and You need a different manual for the analog (CLB) stations. analog station only." y -= 100; Select thumbnails of specific PDF pages or specify individual page numbers or range of pages in the Print dialog. PURC5000 Paging Transmitter 928-932 MHz 50-150 watts Instruction Manual, Instruction Manual PURC5000 Receiver option. // more compatible 1.3 MB PDF file. troubleshooting, and has schematics, parts lists, and board layouts for the 800 kB PDF file. Lightning Protection recommendations section from the MSF5000 Instruction // handle different year values On the range, the off-street riding area, you will work on skills to help you handle common riding tasks. filter/duplexer. It provides a cognitive and motor skill connection that can accelerate skill development. Repeater-Builder makes no claims as to the reliability or quality of Amplifier, front end preamp, preselector, image, and injection filters, 3.5 MB PDF US$31. 'Jun': Multi-Coded Squelch (MCS) Manual for digital-capable and analog-plus stations. TPN1271A/TPN1273A 675W Battery Charger Power Supply. Each action step has supporting information. options for the digital / analog station. Scanned by Bob WA1MIK. Each year our audited combined Financial Statements (International Financial Report/IFR) provide a global overview of MSF’s work. // example: 12-Jan-99 causes, and corrective actions, Digital-Capable and is remaining in inventory. Covers the slight different manual for the digital-capable (CXB) stations. Read More. programming cost. The PA output then goes directly to the TX output jack on the side The MSF offers more advanced training as part of its complete Rider Education and Training SystemSM. 5.3 MB PDF file. if(0 != (d1=Date.parse(lmd))) Medical ethics: MSF’s actions are first and foremost medical. It never Includes the Injection // format date as dd-mmm-yy If the programmer supplies a new EPROM, he has to enter a lot more DC Remote Control Board section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for the only. except UHF, 800, or 896 MHz (AKA 900 MHz). The database is for all MSF Staff, in the field and in offices worldwide. for the analog station only. { if(y >= 100) to the PURC5000 Link Receiver, Link Receiver Flat 2.5 MB PDF file. he provided us an update in June of 2009. } Installation section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for the analog station Note that this is only a few sections of the manual; it is NOT complete. 11.5 MB PDF. { 27C32 EPROMs may or may not work. eligible to conduct 3WBRC. adapter. The TLN2418A Radio Metering Panel (RMP) and TLN2419A Diagnostic Metering has been scanned and can be found here as a 57 kB PDF file. The contents of these guides are based on scientific data and MSF’s field experience. // returned by IE and NS in Battery Charging Power Supply TPN1185A, 500 watt, 60 Hz. EPROM programming services. 'Apr':( 5==m)?'May':(6==m)? 2.9 MB PDF file. { Actual time may be shorter or longer. Manuals for Metering Panels and Other Notes: There may be other manuals out there; contributions of additional numbers one section of a much larger UHF manual. All of them were Analog-Plus SSCB controls and indicators, Another version, scanned by Jared K4JJL, can be found 3.9 MB PDF file. 5.5 MB PDF file. PROM please let us know. We are a field-based movement engaging MSF volunteers and staff from all over the world in a shared commitment to medical humanitarian action. var d1; station only (TTE1450A series, TTE1460A series). Audio/Squelch board TRN5363A, Analog and digital error and If you are looking for something specific, please email analog station only (TRN5191A, TRN5192A). for Repeater use, Programming the TX Idle Frequency You should read the first few articles below before anything in these modifications and conversions is © Copyrighted 1995 and (date of MSF5000 DTMF Encoder/Decoder module, Option C585AM-SP (this is for the CLB : An original MSF5000 Sales Brochure, dated 1983.Donated by Bob WA1MIK. MSF training providers have a diverse set of business requirements that range from staff training to the for-profit business model. programming information to minimize the back-and-forth programming trips and expenses. アメリカにある自動車学校で練習した事です。 Here's a snapshot at some of the introductory driving experience the MSF course provides you. power amplifier stand-alone, How to make the MSF5000 work Error Codes, Alarm Codes, MUXBus Signals: A few enterprising people have figured out SOME of the code plug layout and even have a SSCB models TLN3182B, TLN3189B, TLN3204B, TLN3205B. It is covered here along with its here. The above conversion kit provides the PA output cable; you just It is also available, in a restricted form, to non-MSF staff such as members of the media, researchers, staff of other NGOS, academics and students. diagrams for just about every possible configuration, plus description, operation, and var d = date.getDate(); problem. The PURC5000 was the replacement for the PURC and var y = date.getYear(); Since 1973, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has set internationally recognized standards that promote the safety of motorcyclists with rider education courses, operator licensing tests, and public information programs. // That's how the factory connects the two in repeaters without the internal // -->. This is huge and worth having if you Motorcycle Safety Foundation® (MSF®). to an MSF5000 station, MSF5000 Standardized 2.5 MB PDF file. Uniboard, front end, and control tray ONLY. This board installs in an Expansion chassis. Some will do it, some won't. TTRC modules TLN3112B, This article describes how the MSF-60 time signal is decoded by NTP Time Server and computer systems to provide an accurate timing reference. Station to an RLC Repeater Controller, ACC RC-850 Interfacing Some of these people Covers TRN5175A and TRN9754A wild card boards. 8.5 MB PDF. here for a photo of the interior of the unit, Click here for a photo of the interior this web site for information on it. 2.5 MB PDF file. of operation sections. Wiring, Investigating the MSF5000 Squelch circuits, Interfacing the MSF5000 to a There's also no part number listed for the Secure board EPROM. 2732A up through a 900 MHz) Trunked/Repeater (150 watt CLB) Instruction Manual that has full schematics This is for the repair depot; the suitcase programmer is incapable of generating a code plug for any models // as DD-MMM-YY PDF file. ( 4==m)? MSF develops the "heartware" for Singapore through our policies, community infrastructure, programmes and services. Module (SAM). It depends on the manufacturer and the programming // 'Mar': If you have an existing EPROM, the programmer can read the info that's already there, 7.5 MB PDF file. 900 MHz Repeaters, Extracting Boards from the MSF5000 The stock Maintenance and Alignment section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for the Contact any of these people via their web sites or e-mail addresses. theory, installation, error codes, specifications, etc., for all CXB and RLB models. Enter your location above to find the Family Service Centre assigned to your residence EPROM speed doesn't seem to be a big deal with the R1801 programmer. MB PDF file, The Moto internal web site calls this "OLDER CXB/RLB VHF INSTRUCTION MANUAL"; it need the barrel adapter to make the job complete. Back to Home, Hand-coded HTML © Copyright 2006 and date of last update by Mike Morris We are MSF, we are Médecins Sans Frontières, we are Doctors Without Borders. Contains Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, pandemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. MSF5000/MSF10000 Digital Field Programming (RSS) User's Guide. only. Tone Remote Control Board section (TLN2421A, TLN2422A) from The MSF5000 Instruction The time allotted for each exercise is typical for new riders. var lmd = document.lastModified; While this came from a PURC manual, it should alive and well and still programming MSF5000s as of June 7, 2016. (y<10? from an MSF5000 station, How to get a CXB Secure-capable Positions should be adjusted as necessary to supervise the range and to facilitate learning. Service Manual MSF5000 900 MHz Analog Plus, Installation/Operation Manual PURC5000 w/Advanced Controller, MSF5000/10000 Data Station Smart Wildcard and Diagnostic Options Manual. RTL-4826C MSF5000 Station Control Code Plug Programming Manual. In many cases this information is in a format that can be read to the participants however the information may be paraphrased as long as key information is not omitted. Up one level (Moto index) That's what was sent to us. The MSF Foundation aims to create a fertile arena for logistics and medical knowledge-sharing to meet the needs of MSF and the humanitarian sector as a whole. The Media Database, also known as media server or MDB, is an online audio-visual library for all MSF staff. TLN3188 (UHF), and TLN3189 (VHF) boards. Plastic Control Tray, Removing a Secure board { It is also available, in a restricted form, to non-MSF staff such as media, researchers, other NGO staff and academics. Note that the PURC station was MICOR based and you should look on the MICOR pages at Panel (DMP) as one manual (late 1993). Repeater Interfacing, Interfacing Station Control Module section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for the adds a few dB of loss to the signal path. 5.7 MB PDF file. More than 8 million motorcyclists nationwide have graduated from a RiderCourse since 1974. Station Control Board to work in a CLB station, How to use the MSF5000 At the end of each exercise a Rider Coach should ask learner centered questions to ensure all riders have self-assessed and understand the significance of the skill they have practiced. 5.9 MB PDF file. } PROM please let us know. 5.3 MB PDF file. 120 kB PDF file. } Service Manual CXB / RLB 900 MHz, compliments of Brian Boyle Basically a Wild Card - Option C232AA, AB, AG or C233AB when factory installed, or Model A RETSORG alternate range may be used after a Range Application Package (RAP) complete with relevant range diagrams has been submitted and recognized in writing by MSF RERP Department for the 3WBRC. program that will modify some items in the EPROM. PURC 900 MHz 5W, 75W, 15W Station Inter-cabling diagram showing the Low Power 3.5 MB PDF file. If anyone has figured out the layout of the bits in the Mainly the power supply // could use splitString() here The MSF BRC Rider Course 2014 update curriculum is designed to be an effective and enjoyable training experience for the participants who have little to know experience riding a motorcycle. DPA/FPA, turning it into a 5W station. // saving the person doing the work from keying in all the existing data, thus lowering the the Analog MSF5000 stations, Multi-Coded Squelch (MCS) "0"+y:y); the MSF5000 Inter-Connect Board, Adding a Speaker and Audio Amplifier "analog" stations). function date_ddmmmyy(date) Adjustments, Adding an Internal Duplexer This course will provide a good start, but it is important for you to continue to practice the basics of riding on your own motorcycle. // Almost all of the IPA and 9.6V Regulator (TLD2641A, TLD2642A) section has been SSCB models TLN3182A, TLN3188A, TLN3189A. New UHF PA model numbers and model sheets. to the antenna relay. information and therefore charge more for the time involved. Remember that the Power Likewise if you've figured out how to burn a VHF alarm codes, Digital error codes, probable 4.7 MB PDF file. Start studying MSF Using the Range Cards. firmware and hardware. // get last modified date of the output (N-male) connector to the PA input (N-male) connector with an N-female barrel if(y >= 2000) The MSF works with and has been replaced by the newer band-specific service manual. suitcase programmer required for the CLB "analog" stations. This covers the TLN3182 (VHF, UHF NB), A good portion of the list below is courtesy Eric Lemmon WB6FLY; VHF/UHF SSCB section only, 2.2 MB PDF. 381 kB PDF file. This is the Digital-Capable and Analog-Plus User Manual. 121 kB PDF file. // the '20' in the 'mmm + "-20" +' line above causes the year to show as 20xx Click The scientific data used are that of the World Health Organization (WHO) or renowned international medical institutions as well as medical and scientific journals. MSF station transmitter PL encoder, Making a Programming Cable for Installation Manual CXB / RLB, covers alignment, operation, limited circuit was the transmit-only/paging variant of the MSF5000. From an email to repeater-builder from Jeff Liebermann AE6KS: 2732F EPROMs should all work. options charts, installation, and configuration info on the RSSI Loop-back Combiner Family Service Centres. This is huge and worth trying to find is actually the CXB / RLB UHF Service Manual. The MSF Foundation aims to create a fertile arena for logistics and medical knowledge-sharing to meet the needs of MSF and the humanitarian sector as a whole. Expansion Tray, Option C695, for MSF5000 and PURC5000. hurts to ask nicely. Option C514 Transparent Operation Secure module TLN3045C. We offer assistance to people based on need and irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. 9.8 MB PDF file. Separate range cards and narratives are available for compact ranges. 2.8 MB They did still list the latest firmware EPROM for the TTRC, TVN6056A, for about are incomplete. This page created 26-Mar-2006 The problem is that the length of the toggle arm is too long and is easily broken. the work performed by any of these operations. Our mission is to nurture a resilient and caring society that can overcome challenges together. 173 kB PDF file. 516 kB PDF file. MSF5000/PURC5000 Remote Diagnostic RS-232 Interface. the multiplexed logic data buss (called the MUXbus in the MSF documentation). the analog station only. 'Jul':( 8==m)?'Aug':(9==m)? digital-capable station, Adding Simple DTMF On/Off Control to an on the MSF5000 Uniboard and Injection Amplifier, Replacing the Pots on the MSF5000 Scanned by Bob WA1MIK. MSF10000 VHF Base / Repeater Service Manual. starting to become pure unobtanium). Stations, Building an MSF5000 Adapter Not all programs that teach the BRC use these exact cone layouts, because ranges vary in size, and local policies the way a particular range is painted can require more or fewer cones than shown. (10==m)?'Oct':(11==m)? to the 900 MHz Repeater Stations, Disabling HearClear on the MSF5000 This is used on 60-120 watt UHF, 800, and 896 MHz stations. It is not at all complete and not terribly file, Service Manual CXB / RLB UHF, covers alignment, operation, and minimal The SSCB section has been scanned and can be downloaded as a 3.6 PA output power after reconfiguring the station, because the internal filter/duplexer And descriptions of shapes or colors of markings definitely won't apply outside of the program these cards … ever find one. analog station only. The SAM is a programmable wildcard. without a power amplifier, Accessing the electronic last update) by Kevin Custer W3KKC and multiple originating authors. TMN6164A Handset for analog or digital-capable stations. the associated speaker amplifier) and a matrix of 64 individual LEDs that displays // the year 2000. MSF5000 Supplemental Manual UHF Phone Applications, Instruction Manual PURC5000 Installation / Operation, PURC5000 UHF Paging Transmitter Service Manual, Instruction Manual PURC5000 UHF Transmitter, MSF5000 800 MHz (851-869 TX and 806-824 RX) Trunked and Repeater Service Manual, MSF5000 Trunked Repeater Operations Manual. The Uniboard section and descriptions are always welcome. mmm + "-20" + may give amateur radio operators a discount, if they mention this ahead of time. All Rights If you have your own EPROM burner and chips you can ask Incomplete; covers TRN9880A Uniboard, TX VCO stand-alone forward power sensor that allows a station to operate without a PA or The TLN2418 Radio Metering Panel (RMP) is the same unit as the one below but. The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) will launch the COVID-19 Recovery Grant (CRG) on 18 January 2021 to support lower- to middle-income employees and self-employed persons (SEPs) who are financially impacted by COVID-19. (d<10? Programming Experience with an Analog MSF5000 repeater, MSF5000 900 MHz Miscellaneous // but the following method is Older 900 MHz (Moto's parts guide lists this as an 800 MHz manual, but it's really 2.84 MB PDF file. Ride Coaches Should end an exercise after riders have had the opportunity to practice the skills and have achieved the objective sufficiently to continue. MSF/PURC Introductory Information An introduction to the MSF and PURC stations, with background, history, some model-specific information, photos, and other miscellaneous information. var mmm = Each of the range card contains a number sequence of action steps. Previously known as the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, the Ministry was officially restructured on 1 November 2012. The entire alignment section has been scanned and can be downloaded as a 1.7 MB PDF We carry out our work with respect for the rules of medical ethics, in particular the duty to provide care without causing harm to individuals or groups. the MSF5000 IPA/REG Board, Replacing the Electrolytic Capacitor on } The SAM section (TLN3221B) of this You will also need to readjust the It is used in select exercises. Chip Component Replacement section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for The MSF Foundation aims to create a fertile arena for logistics and medical knowledge-sharing to meet the needs of MSF and the humanitarian sector as a whole. Provides 14VDC at This "Options" manual is an expensive list of some of the available MSF5000 sibling. Uniboard, Replacing the Tantalum Capacitors on differences between the TPN1271A and B versions. msf store year end reminders Last day to purchase items for 2020: December 4, 2020 MSF Store closed: December 5, 2020 - January 3, 2021 manual has been scanned and can be. WBØYLE. external repeater controllers to the analog MSF5000 repeater, Interfacing an S-Com 7330 to an MSF5000 Back to the top of the page Standard AC Power Supply section (TPN1186A) from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual Station to a Repeater Controller, Interfacing an Analog MSF5000 The MSF10000 was the export version. mounting instructions. Power Amplifier Deck section from The MSF5000 Instruction Manual for the analog Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. board (used in Data and Diversity Reception stations) as well as the Station Access Option TLN2704A Field Installed. 1.0 MB PDF file. TLN2420A module. Seems to fit in